Empowering You to Uncover Your True Self and Embrace Your Ultimate Potential


to discover & live out your


The transformative Project SPICES IPP™ program is designed to teach you HOW to discover YOUR AUTHENTIC IDENTITY and PURPOSE so you live out your TRUE PATH

Live the LIFE you were DESTINED for.

We apply the Project SPICES Transformational model™ to bring about REAL CHANGE


Your path to finding out


Human beings live life searching for their identity, purpose, and path.

Uncover YOUR AUTHENTIC self - the person YOU were ALWAYS meant to be


🌟 Discover Your True IDENTITY: Uncover the essence of who you truly are and gain clarity on your unique qualities and strengths.

🛤️ Find Your True PURPOSE: Explore the reasons behind your existence and understand the path you are meant to follow in life.

🔍 Follow your True PATH: Identify and embrace the specific goals and objectives that define your true purpose and fulfill your destiny.

Project SPICES'

Secret Sauce Approach

Our unique methodology allows people to see themselves differently and identify the life they were originally meant to life. It works!

True Identity

Learn your true core identity - your true essence

Did you know that race, ethnicity, country of origin, education, title is NOT your true identity.

True Purpose

Uncover your true PURPOSE - the one you were destined

Your Purpose is NOT your passion. Your true PURPOSE is something you've inherited and was destined to live out.

True Path

We educate you on your path to living out your TRUE IDENTITY and PURPOSE.

Did you know your path is full of twists and turns? If you know your true identity and purpose, you can set off on a course for life and keep going NO MATTER WHAT.

Program Options

Pre-Recorded Training

Which training option is best for me?

There are many program options to choose from. You can opt to take a training that is pre-recorded, blended, or live. The cost for the program varies based on whether it is in-person or virtual. The prices on this site are for pre-recorded trainings.

The Project SPICES Way

Our methodologies have taken decades to refine. We have taught our methodologies, frameworks, and strategies. This is by far one of the most powerful human development (self-help) programs.Unlock the real you and the life you were always meant to live.


After watching the Project SPICES introduction and completing the entire True Purpose Program, incorporating every step along the way, you'll experience a transformative shift in perspective. We are so confident in the efficacy of our program that if you fully apply its principles and do not see the promised results, we will issue a refund.

New Paradigm * Specialized Methodologies

Project SPICES Strategic Approach


Facilitation and Training


True Deep Dive Discovery


Human Potential Alignment


Pricing Packages

Project SPICES Workshops

Sign up for one of our workshops


Traditional Idea of Identity

New Paradigm to Discover YOUR Identity

Learn how Project SPICES can unlock your true self

Discover how SPICES can transform your paradigm

And more

Project SPICES

The True Purpose Project

Identity, Purpose, and Path

Get access to our recorded webinars


Get a comprehensive overview of IPP

Get a clear understanding where your Identity is from

Apply Project SPICES' methodologies to discover your True Purpose

Discover barriers to discovering your true identity and purpose

Explore your various paths

In Person/Live

The Project SPICES Full Program

Get it live in action


Group activity to uncover how personal identity aligns with company identity/culture

Discover the power of IPP in the workplace

How to increase belonging and inclusion through Project SPICES methodologies

Increase employee engagement, productivity, and commitment

And more


Identity, Purpose, and Path

Be Your Best Self to Enhance You and Your Environment

Live out the life you were ALWAYS meant to live


If your current paradigm doesn't match your true purpose, it's time learn how Project SPICES can truly transform you from the inside out






Discovered their True Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be taught to discover my true purpose?

YES! We apply the Project SPICES Purpose methodology. We have ways but one signature way to help you discover your purpose in life. The purpose we teach is the God-given purpose you were destined to live out. . . for real.

NOTE: You need to go through the full Project SPICES IPP program™ to ensure your purpose is accurate. Sometimes, people's purpose gets clouded.

Does it make a difference if I take one instead of the full program?

Select either the individual module or immerse yourself in the complete Project SPICES IPP program™, designed to offer an integrated approach to understanding your true identity. By clearing any blockages, this program empowers you to uncover and embrace your ultimate purpose with clarity.

What makes your program different from others?

While many programs emphasize the importance of living out your purpose, how many can genuinely teach you to discover your authentic purpose? We actually possess the capability to guide you in uncovering your TRUE identity and purpose through our robust framework and methodologies. Our approach is both potent and transformative.

Can I teach others your Project SPICES Purpose Methodology?

Short answer: No. This is Project SPICES' signature methodology, and we request that you do not share it with others. Instead, we ask you to partner with us or license our copyrighted methodology to ensure correct implementation. Often, individuals wish to mimic our approach, but it will not yield the desired results.

Why is your program affordable?

Although our full Project SPICES Full Human Development Program is VERY expensive, we understand the invaluable significance of discovering your true self. Without this clarity, we risk wandering through life unfulfilled and aimless. This is a personal development program that is truly based on science and experience.

What they think about our Project SPICES

Experience + Education + Extraordinary Gifts = Project SPICES



North America

Through SPICES, I gained the courage to follow an atypical life path, and through the teachings of the program, was able to harness my personal strengths to make a film career happen for myself.



North America

Dr. Sarai is an all-in-one coach; her vast experiences, skill-set and networks across a large spectrum of industries differentiate her from other life and business coaches. More than a coach, she is a divine connection and facilitator for life.



North America

As an entrepreneur and business leader I have attended multiple life coaching programs that pale in comparison to that of Sarai’s program. Sarai leads with distinction, passion, and most importantly, her heart.

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